Committed To Protecting Business Interests

Opening a small business is the realization of a longtime dream for entrepreneurs. Months, if not years of hard work goes in to the establishment of the operation. However, the work is not over once doors are opened. While skilled and experienced, most businesspeople are not savvy in the area of business law when contract disputes or collections matters arise.

The Need For Legal Help When Opening A Business

Starting and running operations should not be a do-it-yourself proposition. From selecting an entity to resolving disputes, attorney Nadia Hamade possesses comprehensive experience in business law and insight into entrepreneurship as the owner of her own law office. She builds long-term relationships with her business clients who often return to her for additional help as legal needs arise.

Whether you are launching a partnership, LLC or corporation, filing the right documents is an important step. Should compliance issues and other legal problems arise in the future, the right entity can insulate you from liability. Filling out paperwork without the help of a lawyer can result in errors and setbacks.

Doing things right the first time is paramount. Mistakes can put you and your business at risk. Nadia Hamade provides personalized representation for her clients. She will take the time necessary to identify their specific needs. From there, she will move forward with customized strategies that can put them on the road to success.

The founder of Nadia M. Hamade, Esq., can also help Michigan residents pursuing a nonprofit operation. From filing a 501-c3 status to providing the proper documentation, she can ensure that these types of business entities secure nonprofit recognition.

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If you are considering starting a company or need help resolving a dispute, act now to protect your business interests. Call Nadia Hamade at 248-277-5564 or email our Troy-based law office.